Jul 26, 2010

3 30 am, Greenline Bus, Panthapath, Dhaka

The city is so awake at this time of night! So many cars and vehicles moving around, like sleepwalkers caught up in a demonic reverie. As if the colossal grandmother of Eréndira revealing an amazingly mesmerizing tale in her dreams. Is this real what I see? Or am I seeing someone else’s dream in my dream? How would I ever know? Utterly confused, my soul desperately seeks out for its mate. But Ulises doesn’t remember his dreams. Therefore cannot sense the yearning of my ringtone. We don’t even dream the same time the same place! We can’t even find each other when we need us in the dreams! I calmly wait for my waking up, when I’ll see myself beside you. I’ll then whisper into your ears, that even a dream without you is a nightmare. A life without you is a bizarre piece of time plagued by the wind of misfortune. Such a life is not worth living.

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