Jul 20, 2011

Paper War

Papierkrieg from Makaio Tisu on Vimeo.

Boy: My Airplane is the best one in the whole world. It even has a Jet engine!
Girl: Mine has a supercannon, which shoots fireballs!
Boy: Mine deflects them with a tennis racket.
Girl: Mine grills you with the flamethrower!
Boy: Nothing happened, it has indestructo-paint!
Girl: When my Army of Killer bees attacks, what will you be laughin' at?
Boy: But i got a bouquet
Girl: ?
Boy: ... of carnivorous plants!
Girl: Acidic rain!
Boy: Protective Umbrella!
Girl: Gigantic shredder!
Boy: Soup spoon.
Girl: Shotgun!
Boy: Spiderweb.
Girl: Hammer!
Boy: Spider-bot!
Girl: Atomic Bomb!

Found the translation in a comment made by k. lu.

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